The T4 brand was established over 10 years ago and has already established itself in several international markets, with more than 55 stores successfully running around the globe. Now we bring the most authentic and finest Asian tea drinks to Great Britain.Bubble Tea started in Taiwan and soon became popular all over Asia; it is now a growing global phenomenon.We have now sold over 1 million of just our Elegant Lady Rose Tea.

Our aim is to provide the most authentic and creative bubble tea drinks in the UK, delighting our Asian customers and educating British consumers to the delights of bubble and premium teas. T4 is built on the principle of serving the highest quality, freshly brewed Taiwanese tea. We have five key elements that are our core principles:

1. Fresh – We do not use any added preservatives or artificial additives. Every single cup of tea is freshly brewed and handmade.

2. Real – all the raw materials used are genuine flavours that are imported directly from Taiwan; no artificial flavours are used.

3. Finest – all steps in the preparation of our product are followed meticulously in accordance with our standard operating procedures to ensure product quality.

4. Quality – we insist on selecting only the best quality materials from around the world.

Despite its complexity and time consuming development process, we insist on using only the best ingredients, such as our “Sugar of well-being” which is T4’s unique ingredient and extracted from sugarcane.  We are committed to using only the healthiest and tastiest ingredients.

Vastly superior to other similar ingredients such as: fructose, potato flour, corn flour, etc. It has only one third the calories of fructose and half the calories of refined sugar because it extracted 100% from sugarcanes.

We have close cooperative relationships with all of our suppliers to protect the quality of our ingredients.  We insist on using the traditional recipes and best quality ingredients in a stringent manner to ensure the classic flavour and premium quality of each single cup of tea delivered to our customers.

We are inspired by tradition but deliver our products to the highest modern standards.